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Customer Information


We do obviously have to collect some information about our customers to complete the job function. Delivery Solutions LLC respects your privacy, and has always kept that information to the limits of within the company, and/or the stores we need to work with to complete the requested job. If you give us your phone numbers, or your email, you don't need to worry about us selling off your information. We treat your information the way we would want our own treated.

What you can expect from us
  • To provide you with courteous service. The delivery crew is responsible to contact the provided phone numbers if there is an unanticipated delay in arrival. They have very little contact with the office during a typical delivery day, so the office will not normally have an ETA for you. We are looking into GPS tracking, but even this will not tell us how long they have left at an address.

  • We examine your furniture for ovbious flaws at the time of pick up, doing our best to make sure there is nothing of concern. Delays sometimes occur during this process if we find something and have warehouse personnel pull down new pieces. Still, occassionally we may miss something that isn't ovbious, we are human after all. In this case we immediately contact the store of purchase, and work out a suitable solution to get your piece repaired or replaced.

  • We will change your delivery fee to reflect what we actually pick up if we arrive and there are more items than were scheduled or quoted for, or if you are in a different delivery area than the office was told at scheduling (Mat-Su areas).

  • Assembly services are available, if arranged at the time of scheduling. We have to allow time in the schedule to assemble furnishings, especially those received in flat boxes. We do assembly at the rate of $50 per half hour on deliveries. Should you not wish us to do assembly, please write on the delivery paperwork "assembly services declined". Some stores do prepare some of the items (like dining chairs for instance) and have them assembled prior to our arrival. Not all stores do this though.

  • Items of exceptional weight: slate, marble, gunsafes, pianos etc. are completed at higher rates, usually based on their above average weight, and if there are stairs involved. Stairs have no bearing on rates for normal furnishings.

  • We request that our customers remain in the area being delivered to throughout the entire delivery process.

  • We reserve the right to refuse services, we will refuse to remove or touch furnishings for removal that are unsafe or unsanitary. Employees will not remove any items that are infested or otherwise hazardous. If you have arranged for us to remove something, and we arrive and it is not in a state where employees are comfortable touching it, they will subtract the fees from your invoice, and they will not touch it. They do not need our permission to refuse service. We also will not remove any items that the Anchorage landfill will not take. Large (older) televisions etc. The landfill has a list available.

  • What time? Our most frequent question

    •  We compile all the address on a given date and route them for efficiency. Arrival time frames are based on your area in relation to the other addresses. We always contact you the day prior to delivery and let you know what time to expect us. (We give a 2 hour arrival window) and if you request, the personnel on the trucks can call you 30 minutes before expected arrival. They will not do this unless it is on their paperwork, so if you call late at night and ask for this to be added, we will do our best, but it will not be on their paperwork since they usually pick up their assignments for the next day prior to 6 pm the evening before.  Arrival times are two hour windows because the time of arrival is an estimate. Weather, road conditions, other deliveries, etc. can and do affect arrival times. In the event the truck is running late, it is the personnel on the truck that is required to contact any stops that they can forsee being impacted. Please realize, that the numbers calling you will not be one you recognize! The office often has no knowledge of the current ETA, but will do their best to find out for you if called. 

  • When will we cancel or reschedule delivery? We have only done this twice in the last 10 years, and was due to weather and the earthquake in 2018. We will only cancel/reschedule services in the event of circumstances beyond our control. Weather, earthquakes, volcanic ash, road closures that impact travel conditions are good examples. Weather has to be severe for us to cancel or reschedule. If our drivers do not think they can drive on the Glenn highway, we will contact you. If authorities are closing roads we need to use, we will contact you. Just because school is closed, don't assume delivery will not happen. Typically though, services run behind schedule during weather events, and we ask that you be understanding in these instances as it may be very difficult for drivers to predict how long travel will take. If you feel getting to your house is dangerous due to weather, and wish to reschedule, we will not charge a rescheduling fee. Give us a call and we will move your stop to the next day of your preference.


What we expect from you

We expect that when we arrive, your property will be ready for delivery or moving. 

  • To make sure your items will fit into your location. Items need to be able to fitthrough any doorways, hallways, etc. We do still charge for delivery if you items do not fit. Items not fitting is beyond our control, we have still used fuel, and we still need to pay employees for the attempt, and then for the time to do the return to the store.  Re-delivery of a different item is not included in the price for the original delivery.

  • Please have the driveway clear (plowed/shoveled in winter, and sanded if it is very icy), with no tools or toys laying about for our employees to trip and injure themselves on. If the driveway is icy, please also move your vehicles out of the way.

    • If we are unable to get up your road or driveway, your items will be returned to the place of origin after we have exhausted all possibilities. This is for personnel, vehicle, and merchandise saftey. There are some areas (upper hillside, upper Eagle River) that are nearly impossible for our larger than average vehicles to navigate in the winter. This is usually due to ice, even with chains.

  • Please have a path shoveled from the driveway to the door that you wish us to utilize. 

    • Employees regularly need to remove shoes in homes. They are not prepared with boots to trudge through the snow, nor do we require that they do so.

  • The area or room that we are delivering to needs to be cleared before our arrival. (Unless you have made arrangements for us to remove the furnishings in the way.) Employees are not to touch any of your existing items unless you have made arrangements that are listed on their paperwork. We will not be held responsible for damages if there is clutter making it difficult to navigate your home, and the employees may take pictures and send them to the business owner if this situation arises.

  • Customers are responsible for looking over your purchases, and your home (the route into and out of the address) for defects or damages. We ask that we be notified of anything needing attention before our personnel leaves the address.

  • You rightfully expect our employees to be courteous, and we would ask that you please extend that courtesy to them also. They are only to complete the job assigned on the paperwork, and they do not have time allocated in their schedule to repeatedly re-arrange rooms unless you have arranged in advance for the time that this takes. We grant them the right to return merchandise and refuse service if customers are overly unreasonable, vulgar, or if the area you expect delivery to is overly unsanitary (ie: pet feces, insects everywhere, etc.) 

  • We expect quality work from our employees, and therefore pay them well, tips are not expected. We ask that if you do want to tip personnel, that you are prepared in advance. They are not allowed to accept tips that are included with payment for services. They are also not allowed to add tips on credit card charges.

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